Reply To: Website Content

Katie Chambers

Feedback on the branding shown on your website: I love the use of your colors, and since your logo is two capital letters, I love how you have a capital letter for each section of your wesbite. The only visual aspect that isn’t working for me is the big white quotation marks. It isn’t very clear what they are. Maybe if you had both sets, one on each side of your top section, that would help. Not sure, though. I do think you could strength the customer experience part of your brand, but the visual part is solid.

Great job on customer-first language throughout. This is a tough one for a lot of people, and you nailed it.

Feedback on the bio/about section: Before I saw your full bio on the actual “about” page, I was going to suggest some personality-type content. You have that on the “about” page. You may consider also having your first sentence from the bio on the home page about section. I wonder why your specialities are children’s books, health and wellness, and music. If you want to attract authors of those genres, I suggest expounding on why those are your specialites.

Feedback on services: Great job having a quick summary, then a more in-depth description on the services page. You may consider putting the proofreading and copy editing package to after the descriptions of the two. Currently, when I read the package content, I saw that the terms weren’t defined, so I didn’t know whatyou meant by those terms and what was included since you don’t say this until after the package portion. If you want to keep your package on the top, you may consider adding in a short description. Something like this: The first step in this package is a through copy edit–editing for style and clarity … a final proofread–editing for grammar and word usage. With your list of what kinds of things should be proofread and edited, is that a list of what you edit or just what should be edited? Right now, it isn’t quite clear.

Feedback on contact form: You may consider adding in specific questions of content you need in order to do a sample edit. I have found it cuts back on time spent emailing if I gather the needed information right away. The attachment of the sample, the word count, the genre, the deadline, etc.

Re:logos–I would absolutely post any logo of an organization you are a part of. It adds credibility. I also would reach out to publishers, as I think so many people are visual and seeing a visual representation of the reputable publishers you work for could help. I only work with indies, so that isn’t an area of expertise for me, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt.