Webinar: What to Expect from the Editing Process

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment. Only 30 out of 1,000 who start writing a book go on to finish it (3%). Then from there, only 6 out of those 30 will see their book published (0.06%). So why is it that less than 1% publish a book?

Budgetary constraints and the steep learning curve. 

I will teach you how to overcome both!

Overcoming Publishing Obstacles

Steep learning curve: If you are an author who has never worked with an editor and aren’t really sure what to expect from the process, this webinar will help you have a better understanding. The process can be overwhelming and comes with a learning curve. 

You may think there isn’t a learning curve to the editing stage. After all, you just find an editor and hand over your manuscript, right? Easy Peasy. But it can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for everything it entails. 

If you understand the editing process and are prepared for it, you will have a much easier journey. And who doesn’t like easier? 

Of course, editing isn’t the only thing that comes with a learning curve. Every stage in the process has its own learning curve. But once you combat this first one—the editing stage—you have a publishing professional in your corner who can educate you, or at the very least point you to other vetted professionals who can, on the other steps in the journey. 

Budgetary constraints: While this webinar helps you know what to budget for an editor, it doesn’t help you with your budgetary constraints. However, if you stick with me, I will help you overcome that obstacle too, giving you a free PDF guide on that. 


Topics covered in this webinar:

  • The four levels of editing and the difference between them
  • What you can expect from your editor
  • Why editing costs what it does
  • The basic structure of the editing process

I love helping aspiring authors publish their book. Let’s work together to help you be one of the 1%. 

Webinar Information

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Beginner


Self-Publishing School asked me to give this presentation to a group of authors who were new to working with an editor. This is the recorded presentation.

You will also receive a free PDF guide to help you stay in your budget.

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Course Instructor

Katie Chambers Katie Chambers Author

Katie Chambers, owner of Beacon Point, is a nonfiction and fiction substantive (developmental) editor and copy editor for independent authors, content writer and editor for business professionals, online teacher, and tutor. ​Visit her business website, follow or chat with her on Twitter, or connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.