Webinar: What to Expect from the Editing Process

If you are an author who has never worked with an editor and aren’t really sure what to expect from the process, this webinar will help you have a better understanding. The process can be a learning curve and can be a bit overwhelming, so it is best to take the time to learn now.

Topics covered in this presentation:

    • The four levels of editing and the difference between them
    • What you can expect from your editor
    • Why editing costs what it does
    • The basic structure of the editing process

Self-Publishing School asked me to give this presentation to a group of authors who were new to working with an editor. This is the recorded presentation.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 hour


Course Instructor

Katie Chambers Katie Chambers Author

Katie Chambers, owner of Beacon Point, is a nonfiction and fiction substantive (developmental) editor and copy editor for independent authors, content writer and editor for business professionals, online teacher, and tutor. ​Visit her business website, follow or chat with her on Twitter, or connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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