Webinar: Tracking Editorial Projects from Start to Finish

Editing is a cognitively demanding skill, and a convoluted process for your editing projects can cost you both time and focus that would be better put toward working for your clients. This webinar will help you create a clear administrative process from start to finish, tracking key metrics during each stage. Recording these metrics will help you improve your time management, marketing efforts, project quotes, and more.

If you’ve gotten disorganized or haven’t been tracking necessary project data, or you do track it but in a way that’s time-consuming or ineffective, this webinar will help you get everything under control. In addition to learning what to track and how to track it, you will also look at your current process, fine-tune it, add pieces you may be missing, and create a system that will ensure a smooth-sailing project from start to finish, improving your time management and increasing your productivity.

With these tools, tracking your project will be effortless and automatic, and each product’s status and metrics will be clear and easy to understand. Free your time and brain for your most important job: editing.

If you are an EFA member, the webinar is free! If not, it costs $59. 

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