Reply To: Branding Materials

Katie Chambers

I love the inclusion of the confidentiality notice. It looks like you also have at least one brand color selected, so that is good. I love that you included a photo of yourself, a description of the type of editing you do, and where you are located. All of this is great information.

When you get your website up and running, be sure to add your website URL to your email signature.

As for your branding documents, your post inspired me to add some additional information to the branding lesson. I added information about hiring someone else to do it and described the various branding documents in a bit more detail. In doing so, I noticed that the other branding documents folder was not complete–it didn’t have all the examples, so it was a good thing I checked that.

I would definitely hire someone to do your logo. You may find that once you have a logo, you can design some of the other branding documents, like your social media posts (if you intend to have those) that can be as simple as having your logo and stating the tip or the blog post title in your color and font, or you may want your designer to design templates for those as well.

When you get them designed, I would love for you to come back and post them here. It helps others who may be designing some of them on their own to see a variety of examples for inspiration.