Webinar: Seamless Financial Management

Most likely you like words, not numbers. 

But as a business person, you have to work with numbers. 

Let’s make doing so as seamless and painless as possible, so you can spend more time on words and less time on numbers. 

In this hour webinar, you will learn everything you need to create a clear financial management process:

Software available to use (with demo videos of them)


    • Data entry
    • Setting up categories
    • Close out month
    • Tax report


    • Understanding them
    • Business deductions
    • Tips for paying them

Configuring your taxes

Plus, you will get:

❇️A PDF of the slides with examples
❇️A PDF handout listing the price and pros and cons for various software
❇️Links to my video demos of various software
❇️ Excel workbook with formulas to configure your Federal effective tax rate
❇️ Excel workbook with formulas to configure your monthly and quarterly tax payments

Watch now and begin seamlessly managing your finances. 

Webinar Details

Estimated Time: 58 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Katie Chambers Katie Chambers Author

Katie Chambers, owner of Beacon Point, is a nonfiction and fiction substantive (developmental) editor and copy editor for independent authors, content writer and editor for business professionals, online teacher, and tutor. ​Visit her business website, follow or chat with her on Twitter, or connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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