Reply To: Time management goals

Katie Chambers

In that case, you may be better served scheduling your projects in terms of average amount of pages.

The scheduler in my Beacon Point Data Tracking Program has two scheduling options. One is for scheduling time (which sounds like that won’t work for you) and one is scheduling pages (which might).

Of course, you don’t have to use my tracker. You can program your own formulas to do this in Excel, if you know how to use Excel. Or you can just record the data and manually calculate using a calculator.

But anyway, you can just enter in the amount of days you have to complete a project and the amount of pages, and then it will tell you how many pages you need to edit a day. At the end of every work day, you just record how many pages you did, and it adjusts the needed average going forward. So if you have a work day or two or three where you aren’t focusing well and you did less, it will tell you your new average page number for the remaining days.

I definitely think using Toggl Track can give you some insights into where your time is going and if you are managing it well. Though I haven’t used it, I know that Toggl Track also includes a Pomodoro timer, which can help you focus for a given time, then take a break.