Reply To: Website Content

Katie Chambers


On your home page, you have done an excellent job of establish branding with the words you use and you’ve started with customer first language. To improve the home page, tweak the order of your second paragraph so their pain point comes first. So instead of “I’m a fiction editor an mentor … round out your characters, deepen you plot…” it could be, “It’s hard to see where your plot holes are, where your characters are a bit shallow, etc. because you know how to fill in the gap, so let me help you improve your plot and characterization while also ensuring your theme comes through on every page.” That isn’t the exact wording I am suggesting you use; just an example of the pain point coming first.

Do the same with “as an author” and “as an editor” sentences.

Great about me page, services, and contact.

With your blog, if you can, I would add a categories list (so they can find blogs that are filed under a certain category) or a search bar. If you plan on blogging more, it will be hard for users to find what they want if you have a lot of blogs just listed.