Reply To: Quote template for feedback

Katie Chambers

Jen, I am so sorry. I was never alerted that you posted this. Apparently, I don’t get notified when a student creates their own discussion post. I only get notified when they respond to one of the discussion topics I set up. I need to look into how to fix this because I would have answered back in May had I seen this.


Keep in mind that my per-word rate is not a flat per-word rate; it is based on the individual needs of that manuscript. So instead of saying I charge $0.02 per word for copyediting, I post a range $0.016 to $0.027, for example. Then I give them their quote based on what I want to make hourly and how long I estimate it will take me.

I do a per-word rate for a lot of reasons. I added a new lesson to this course soon after getting feedback from all my beta testers. Check out the “setting and raising rates” lesson. It will explain the pros of charging per word.


I’d say only about 40% or so give me a reason, but I think that’s more than I would get if I didn’t ask.

I don’t mention the other services in the quote email. The only one I mention is that I can book their proofreader for them, using one of my vetted proofreaders.

I have a next steps email that I send out a few days after I start the editing that explains all the various required and optional steps after editing. And in that email, I tell them I can write or edit their author bio and book description. Then I list recommended outsourcers for all the other various required and optional steps.

I haven’t considered mentoring everything I offer outside of actual editing in the quote email. It might be a good idea, but my quote email is already fairly long. I may do a bulleted list to sum up these things. Good idea!