Reply To: Intake Questionnaire for Feedback

Katie Chambers

Britney, I am so sorry. I was never alerted that you had made a post. I need to look into that because I should be notified via email. I think it may have been because you created the post, and so I haven’t yet “subscribed.” I am automatically subscribed to all posts I create, but not to ones others create. So I definitely need to figure out what I can do about that, so I don’t miss future posts.

My feedback

I love the categories and the description on each one. SO welcoming and inviting. Your wording is PERFECT!

Personally I would scale it back, as it does seem like a lot. But you can keep all the same questions and scale back just by making more of them checkboxes they can easily click on, as opposed to short answer.

Introduce Yourself section:

I am not sure why you would need to know where to find them online. If I were hiring an editor, I would be confused, maybe turned off, by that question.

Type of project section:

Change the questions that have options to checkboxes so they can select their answer (this saves them from having to type it in, making it less daunting to answer all the questions). Type of project, list the options to select, with a line for other; same with program; brand style guide or template can have yes or no otpions.

Should the first option in project status be complete, but not yet SELF-edited? The option of complete and has been professionally edited is redundant to your question of if it has been edited in the next section. I would delete that option here and leave the question of if it has been edited in the next section.

Working Together section:

what does project mean to you could have checkboxes with the ability to select multiple ones, and an other line that they could fill in.

What type of editing are you looking for should have options because they might not know what you mean. You should list the ones you offer: developmental, copyediting, line editing, proofreading, manuscript evaluation, and add an “I’m not sure” option.

Have you worked on another editor should ask them what typeof editing was already done. Yes, I worked with a developmental editor. Yes, I worked with a copyeditor. No, etc.


So great that you offer a discovery call!